School Asthma Management Program Toolkit
This Asthma management program toolkit is designed to assist schools in Southeast Minnesota in creating an asthma-friendly school and fostering communication lines with regional providers promoting an environment where children with asthma can be healthy, happy and active. Improved asthma management is proved to result in improved attendance and performance at school.

A. Asthma Action Plan (AAP)
An asthma action plan is a written plan from a licensed health care professional to help manage asthma and prevent asthma attacks. This action plan should be accompanied by a signed parental consent, kept on file at school, and renewed every year. Because every student’s asthma is different, the action plan will be specific to each student’s needs. The action plan includes the student’s medical information, daily management guidelines and specific steps for responding to worsening asthma symptoms.

B. Consent

C. Workflow and Quick Guides

D. Communications
The following sample templates may be used to communicate with the parent(s) or guardian(s)and health care provider(s) (with parental permission) about acute episodes, if any, and about changes in a student’s health status, and to track asthma control.

E. Getting Involved

Asthma Education

Further Information

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(2) National Survey of Children’s Health, 2003

(3) Mannino DM, Homa DM, Akinbami LJ, Moorman JE, Gwynn C, Redd S. Surveillance for Asthma-United States, 1980-1999. MMWR March 29, 2002; 51 (No.SS-1):1-13.


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